Privacy Policy

Last updated May 12, 2019

You have control over what information is collected.

We only collect data necessary to deliver and improve upon our service, and we only keep it for as long as it is needed. Specifically, we may record what actions you take while browsing our site, as well as information sent by your web browser, such as screen size and language settings. This lets us—for example—prioritize the languages into which the site should be translated, or better understand which features are the most popular. We may also use collected data to differentiate humans from bots, in order to protect against spammers and scrapers.

If you enable your browser's "do not track" setting, we reduce the amount of information collected and make additional efforts to anonymize your usage of the site. Our site is also accessible via the Tor anonymity network. Accessing Codehof via Tor will mask most details about your browser, computer, and network connection.

The information returned in our search results has been previously published elsewhere, such as in public package or source code repositories, in public discussion forums, or in public bug databases. If you wish to disassociate your name, email address, or other details from a software project indexed by this site, please work with the original publisher and/or the project maintainers to do so. If your information has been fully removed from the original source (e.g. Github) but is still visible in our search results, please email for assistance.

If you create an account, we ask for your name and email address, or other identifying information related to the authentication method used (e.g. your Github ID if you "sign in with Github"). This information is required to identify your account, and for us to communicate with you. Registration is optional. If you have previously registered, but wish to delete your account (and any related data), please email

In the future, we plan to offer paid subscription services. To sign up for these optional services, you may be asked to provide payment information to a credit card processor (e.g. Stripe). Payment information will be collected and retained in accordance with the terms of service and/or privacy policy of the processor.

We do not share your information with anyone.

We do not use any third-party advertising networks, social network widgets, or analytics ("trackers") on our site. We do not embed any scripts, fonts, or other content from third-party content delivery networks who may be tracking you elsewhere on the web.

We will never sell any personally-identifiable information collected from site visitors. We may share aggregated statistics (such as the total number of visits) with select partners, but will never share your email address or other personal details.

We protect your information.

We meet or exceed industry best practices related to security and data protection. Passwords are never stored in plain text. Personally identifying information (e.g. email addresses) is encrypted, both at rest and in transit. We have taken extensive technical measures to protect our systems from intruders, and we monitor continuously for any indication of a breach.

Your data is stored in secure facilities on servers we own and operate, which are accessible only to Codehof employees. In the future, if we require services from contractors or vendors which involves granting access to our systems, they will be fully vetted, and they will be required to also abide by this privacy policy.

Any updates to this policy will be posted here.

This privacy policy is effective as of May 12, 2019, and may be amended from time to time. If you have provided us with your email address, we will notify you via email of any substantive changes.

Our founder, Dave Pifke, is Codehof's designated Data Protection Officer. If you have questions or concerns related to this policy, you can reach him via an email to